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mister doubleya tee fits, paging mister doubleya tee fits to the courtesy telephone please

OLD MAN ON THE BRIDGE: Answer me these questions three ere the other side you see. What is your Name?
ME: I don't know! Aaaaah!


Wolves approach a LITTLE BOY outside the sheep pen.

                      LITTLE BOY
            Help!  Help!  Please won't
            you save me!

Two MORONS sit on the shelter roof over part of the
sheep pen, drinking from bottles crudely labeled "XXX."

                       MORON #1
            Hey, little boy, don't cry wolf, 
            or people won't come to help!

Noises o.s. of snarling wolves.

                       MORON #2
            Gotta learn to stand up for 
            yourself, kid!

Morons laugh and high-five.  O.S. Little Boy screams and dies, 
wolves snarl, SFX biting meat.  

                       MORON #1
            Your own choices got you into this.
            Your attitudes drew it onto you!

                       MORON #2
            Gotta take responsibility for 
            yourself, kid!

Morons swig booze, SFX gurgle.  FADE TO BLACK.  SFX gurgle, 
meat chomping.  Morons belch competitively o.s.


form color motion
E486: Pattern not found: WTF

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